Extra Bonuses


In this section is where you will find extra bonuses as well as archived bonuses, special discounts, and/or bonuses we have arranged with our elite joint-venture partners. We plan to add more bonuses to this section, so make sure to come back .. Enjoy 🙂

Tips on How to Use AliExpress.com for Your Amazon Business

Here is a special bonus where Chris Guthrie interviewed Spencer Haws asking how he uses AliExpress.com to properly source products for his Amazon business. He reveals some awesome insider tips on how to find profitable products to sell on amazon using aliexpress and a LOT more. Enjoy!

Download audio mp3 file here

Download the pdf transcription file here

Archived Bonuses

10 Pre-Loaded Amazon WordPress Stores

NOTE: We do not provide any support for how to install these pre-loaded amazon websites. There are instructions provided in each package, please follow those instructions to install the pre-loaded site into your wordpress.

Download Store 1 - Airsoft

Download Store 2 - Blu-ray players

Download Store 3 - Gift baskets

Download Store 4 - Headphones

Download Store 5 - Home theater

Download Store 6 - Kids toys

Download Store 7 - Magic tricks

Download Store 8 - Massage

Download Store 9 - Portable music players

Download Store 10 - Sewing

Amazon Companion Study Guide

Here is a 10-page Amazon Tips companion study guide written by Chris Guthrie. In this guide you get the top 17 ways to make more money with the Amazon affiliate program:

Download here

Amazon Call-to-Action Buttons

Here are over 30 amazon "buy" buttons you can use in your WordPress blogs or any webpage when promoting amazon products:

Download here

3-in-1 Instant Article Suite ( PC only )

Here is a set of 3 software programs that can help you create unique content for your Amazon product reviews inside your WordPress blogs.

TIP: After you find the Amazon products you want to promote in your WordPress blog using the amaSuite software ... go to the Amazon product's customer review page ( using the review link in the "Reviews" column provided in the Azon top 100 Analyzer or Azon Product Inspector ), then copy about 5 reviews into text files. Then use the Instant Article Wizard to spin the review content to make it unique. And finally insert the reviews into your WordPress Amazon product review site for the best chance at getting natural traffic from the search engines. Plus, you can copy the description from the Amazon product and spin that content to make it more unique as well.

Here is what you get in this bonus:

(1) Instant Article Shuffler: This is the CORE software that will help you achieve more randomness and uniqueness to your content.

(2) Instant Article Spinner: This the content spinning software.

(3) Instant Article Submitter: This tool helps you to populate YOUR wordpress blogs by mass uploading articles very easily.

All these 3 software combined make the Instant Article Suite (IAS) software ... enjoy 🙂

Download here ( PC only )

Help Videos:

Instant Article Shuffler Help Video

Instant Article Spinner Help Video

Instant Article Submitter Help video

Unrestricted Private Label Rights to 130 Articles in 24 Niche Markets

Note: You have unrestricted private label rights .. which basically means .. you can do ANYTHING with these articles ... yes, ANYTHING you want!

Download here