Can You Make Money Selling on Amazon? 9 Amazon FBA Success Stories

Amazon FBA Success Stories

It's not hard to see that every time you purchase a product from Amazon, someone else is making money.

Sometimes it's Amazon, more often than not - it's someone like you and me. Each transaction requires two sides, where one is spending and the other is profiting.

Over the past year, a few people like Chris Guthrie (the Amazon guy), have been profiting off the back of Amazon. They've been writing, teaching, and creating videos to help people with one thing - to start an Amazon business.

Today, we wanted to put together a list of Amazon FBA success stories that should inspire you to take action. Take a look at each of these people's strategies and adapt them into your own. Their advice in addition to Amasuite's strategy should give you all that you need to start private labeling a profitable product.

Let's get started!

I wish I could say that Spencer is the norm, but he's not. Not many people have taken the approach of going from a super Amazon affiliate to a super Amazon seller. They're both different arts, but mastering both is something that can bring plenty of profits. You earn affiliate commissions from the products you recommend, including your own.

This is exactly what Spencer has achieved by creating physical products for his own affiliate sites and it's worked out well for him.​

Starting his Amazon business while ending off university is nothing to ignore. Will and his brother, Andrew, have generated over $6 million in sales off of Amazon. His brother introduced him to the concept of selling online, but Will began his journey by selling textbooks and household items before diving into physical products research. Selling textbooks just isn't as scalable as building your own product, where you control the buy box, and you control the quality.

Scott is no stranger to internet marketing, with his original online venture being one in the photography space. He and his wife ran a successful store back in the day and started teaching others how to start the same.​

Even dabbling with becoming an Amazon affiliate at one point, Scott realized the power of Amazon and began exploring other avenues within the marketplace.

In the first 90 days of setting up an Amazon account and selling his own product, sales came in at $40,000. Now Scott shares all that he's learning on his podcast 'The Amazing Seller'.​

Jessica and Cliff Larrew, @TheSellingFam

Jessica and Cliff are a couple that started selling on eBay in 2008. Within a couple months, she was able to replace the income she was making from her previous job. But there was just one thing that bothered her - shipping.

​Soon after, in 2010, Jessica dipped her feet into retail arbitrage with Amazon FBA and the rest is history. She soon replaced her husband's income and with him coming on board full-time, the couple made $300,000 in the first year of sales.

Just like Jessica Larrew, Andy started his e-commerce career doing retail arbitrage and simply finding stuff to sell around the house. One year later, with the help and encouragement of a few friends, he took the dive into private labeling. With over 45 private label SKU's, over $1,000,000 in sales with Amazon, and just a couple years of selling under his belt - this former social worker turned physical products entrepreneur is well on his way to building an empire.

Matt Clark & Jason Katzenback, @Amazingdot_com

​Matt and Jason have been building physical products businesses off of Amazon for some time now. Matt originally began as a drop shipper, but soon found out that Amazon doesn't put up with poor customer experiences and with drop shipping - if the product isn't available from the distributor, then you're out of luck. After a small hiccup and a chance encounter, Matt private labeled one of his top selling products and started to learn how Amazon really works.

Pillar is a trend watching extraordinaire that had her first taste of Amazon success with the Loom band - a fashionable bracelet that overtook children's homes in 2012. That one trend brought in $500,000 in 3 months for her. Since then she's learned everything there is to know about private labeling and often travels across to Asia for better sourcing opportunities and to spot the next big trend.​

With a never ending taste for entrepreneurship, Jordan has pivoted his way into the e-commerce world. Originally running a high-tech firm, and formerly working with the world's largest ad agency, Omnicom, Jordan has sprinted into full time selling with Amazon.​

Jordan started off accompanying his father-in-law to local libraries where he'd source items and earn a decent living doing so. This was the beginning of the light bulb moment.​

Sophie bootstrapped her way to over $1,500,000 in sales on Amazon in 18 months - all while working full time. She has her own way of doing things and you'll often see her going against the grain of most Amazon sellers. Sophie's model is to create high-end premium brands. Which means it's a less crowded market with fewer sales, but margins can be attractive enough to keep selling. Her motto is in creating a brand vs. just private labeling. Food for thought, for sure.​